Newt’s mum Shelley arrives in Hollyoaks!

Newt and Rae are shocked by a surprise arrival; Newt’s mum Shelley – and Newt’s new baby brother! Newt has to leave Rae to fend for herself while he catches up with his mother and gets to know baby Jensen. Newt’s delighted to learn Shelley’s off the drugs and looking to start again with him. Rae’s less happy; now she’s got to compete for Newt’s attention.

Tony rushes into action, helping the woman he just saw hit by a car. She tells him she’s called Gabby; and has two children. After she’s taken to hospital, Tony finds her mobile phone ringing and ends up meeting her daughter Amber. When her brother Taylor shows up, Amber leaves but Gabby asks Tony to stay with her kids and make sure they’re safe. He takes the kids back home only to discover it looks like they’ve been burgled.

Neville falls off a ladder and Suzanne and Rhys have their work cut out running both the pub and looking after him. Darren sees an opportunity and offers to help. He flirts with Suzanne, while Neville is upstairs with his back out.

Also; Cindy and Dom bicker over the running of Gnosh. When Dom lets Elliot work as a waiter, Cindy complains that he’s not good-looking enough.

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