Mona finds herself in danger as she heads to Pakistan in search of answers…

As the tense drama continues, London doctor Mona Harcourt (The Good Wife star Archie Panjabi) is desperate to know the truth.

She agrees to travel to Lahore, Pakistan, and identify her murdered brother Kareem’s body, although her husband Guy (Jack Davenport) is dead set against the idea.

Mona readily agrees, however, as she secretly hopes to make contact with Kareem’s son Danny (Viveik Kalra). Mona’s search for her nephew leads her to a remote part of Lahore, putting her in grave danger.

Has Danny been radicalised as British counter-terrorism suspect?

Could Mona be walking into a trap?

Next of Kin subtly ramps up the tension as the net twists and tightens…