The Osbornes prepare to leave for Spain. But with Newt still missing, they are unable to go anywhere. As Frankie sets off in search of Newt, Niall heads into the flat and discovers Jack is alive. With a score to settle with Jack for putting his dad in prison, Jack is left unconscious as Niall strikes a fatal blow…

Newt asks Lauren for help after witnessing Niall bundling Jacqui into his van. But Lauren is suspicious about Newt’s mental state and doesn’t believe him. Newt is determined to contact the police, and Lauren tries to stop him by offering to do it for him, instead calling an ambulance. Frankie arrives, but when she refuses to acknowledge Jack is still alive, Newt refuses to go home with her and is taken to hospital.

Myra worries when she discovers Jacqui has gone missing, leaving a note in the flat, similar to the ones the other girls left. Convinced she is being punished for abandoning her child, Myra confides in Tony who panics and reports the girls missing to the police.

Later, Myra gets a text from Tina telling her to meet her at St Eustace church. And when Myra realises it’s the same church she abandoned her baby at, she rushes out.

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