Nana arrives back in Hollyoaks to find the person who grassed Myra up. Mercedes is positive Carmel is responsible, while Myra returns from the police station to reveal to her family that she’s been charged with benefit fraud. Later, Niall takes Nana for a drink and, as a drunken Nana meanders home, Niall follows and attacks her… As Gilly and Beth plan their wedding, Rhys is wracked with jealousy and had to confess that he stood Mercedes up yesterday. Mercedes agrees to another date with Rhys at Il Gnosh but their lunch is ruined by the arrival of Gilly and Beth. Ignoring them, Mercedes flirts openly with Rhys, leaving Beth jealous. Later, Beth sharply reminds Rhys that his relationship with Mercedes is only supposed to be a cover. In an attempt to win Carmel back, Calvin tells her yesterday’s mistake doesn’t change the way he feels about her. Calvin is devastated when Carmel says she cannot be with him anymore. Later, Sasha advises her brother to propose properly to Carmel. Calvin rushes off to buy a ring, gets down on one knee and asks Carmel to marry him. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip