Niall makes a move on Steph

Getting used to life without Max, Steph helps Niall celebrate reaching the final of the hairdressing competition. Meanwhile, as depressed and lonely Max confides in Dom, he realises what a mistake he’s made and sets about trying to win Steph back.

But Niall’s flattery has hit the spot with a disillusioned Steph and the sexual tension between them boils over. Knowing Niall is out, John-Paul and Kieron head back to Niall’s flat for the night. But as they get passionate, there’s a shocking discovery in store�

Louise is released from prison, but surprises Warren by her odd behaviour, even when she learns from Frankie that Jake has ‘confessed’ to the murder. Warren is surprised to discover that Justin was the one who helped him out, and is surprised when Justin says he wants nothing more to do with him.

Later, Darren demands Warren pay the money he owes him for Louise’s lucky escape, but an annoyed Warren refuses to hand over cash until he’s good and ready. Darren frets that his plan has failed and Jack is getting worse, while Warren realises that Louise has changed�

Also, adamant that Jake is innocent, Frankie determines to get to the bottom of his ‘confession’.

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