Knowing that Niall is Myra’s son, Kieron confronts him at the flat. Horrified the game is up, Niall knows he has to act before Kieron ruins everything. Niall finally admits the truth, but when Kieron starts to feel unwell, he realises that Niall has drugged him.

During a drink with Craig, John Paul is completely floored when Craig admits he’s still in love with him. Craig is gutted when John Paul doesn’t return his feelings and later turns up at the McQueens, refusing to leave Hollyoaks until he’s certain John Paul doesn’t want him.

John Paul pushes him away, but can’t resist Craig for long and finally gives in to his feelings. Happy to be back in Craig’s arms, John Paul is brought back to reality when he gets a text from Kieron and realises he has to go and see him. Later, as John Paul prepares to break Kieron’s heart, he is stunned to find Kieron dead.

Tony‘s patience is running out when Jacqui almost burns down Il Gnosh and he starts trying to think of new ways to keep her occupied. After banning her from the kitchen, Tony suggests she could work in Washed Up. But Jacqui misreads his offer and announces that Tony will have to tell Mike he’s got a new boss.

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