Myra arrives at the church to find Niall waiting for her, and discovers he’s her son. Niall embraces his mother but turns on her when she insists on seeing her children. Myra is horrified to see all her girls are tied up and begs Niall to let them go. He refuses to listen and ties her up beside them, forcing her to admit he’s her son.

Darren is horrified to find his dad badly beaten by Niall and tries to dissuade Jack from going to the McQueens’ aid. Back at the church, Niall tells everyone the church is rigged with explosives and invents a sick game, asking Myra six questions. Each answer she gets right will save one of her children, but for every wrong answer, she must choose one to die.

Meanwhile, Tony rings Myra and realises the girls have been abducted when he hears their screams on the other end of the phone. Tony and Dominic search the McQueen house where they find a newspaper cutting for St Eustace Church. There’s no time to waste as he and Dom set out to help the McQueens…

As Niall prepares the detonator, Darren and Jack burst through the doors. But, determined to go through with his plan, Niall presses the detonator, blowing up the church.

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