As Niall is plagued by guilt after murdering his friend Kieron, John Paul arrives, shell-shocked by Craig’s offer for him to go with him to Ireland. When John Paul suggests he might find happiness with Craig, Niall decides he needs to stop John Paul leaving. As they talk, John Paul has no idea that Niall has laced his beer with drugs, intending to kill him in exactly the same way as Kieron.

John Paul is completely unaware that Niall has deleted the message from Craig on his voicemail. Left wondering if he should go with Craig or stay at home, John Paul still can’t decide if he should take the opportunity of a last chance at happiness.

At The Dog, Craig prepares to leave. He calls John Paul, and gives him the deadline of three o’clock if he wants to come with him to Ireland. Feeling pushed out by his family, Craig waits on the jetty to see if John Paul will turn up.

Amy heads to hospital for a pregnancy scan, but is scared the secret of her baby’s true conception date will come out. As Amy is called in to the ultrasound room, she is forced to tell her dad the truth about her baby, leaving Mike stunned.

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