Niall walks in on John Paul and Kieron

With Myra still hurting over John Paul’s relationship with Father Kieron, he tries his best to make amends with her and she ends up inviting him to move back home. As John Paul leaves to collect his things from Niall’s, Myra is stunned to find Kieron waiting on her doorstep with his research into the adoption. She lays into Kieron, before sending him on his way. Back at Niall’s flat, John Paul and Kieron fall into each other’s arms, much to Niall’s horror.

Eli winds up Newt by insisting he’s responsible for driving Frankie away. Meanwhile, Jack is desperate for Frankie to contact him after her disappearance and retires for a lie down while Darren throws himself into his Naked Chef event convinced he’s onto a winner.

But things go wrong when he gets a visit from Trading Standards. Darren can’t believe it when Jack admits he’s been watering down the drinks. As Jack deals with the ultimate humiliation, Newt’s behaviour turns more erratic when he tells Lauren to leave.

While Kris vents his anger towards his dad Eamon over the airways, Eamon continues to drink with Elliot. When Kris returns, he has a confrontation with his dad and realises he’ll never get the approval he craves.

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