NIamh and Al attend an unusual wedding

Niamh and Al attend a wedding, but arrive separately and struggle to overcome the awkwardness between them. Bridesmaid and daughter of the groom, Lucy, is dressed hideously and gets side-tracked with thoughts of how her mum would feel about her dad remarrying so quickly. Meanwhile, son of the bride, Ben, is side-tracked with thoughts of avoiding Lucy and her nasty put downs.

The groom, Jack, is oblivious and actually seems to be enjoying himself. That is until Lucy goes missing and Ben tells Al he saw Lucy go to a hotel room with a strange man. They track Lucy down before she comes to any real harm and Lucy’s touched by her dad’s protective outburst.

Niamh gives Jack a stern word, and he acknowledges that Lucy’s still grieving for her mother and Lucy has to acknowledge that she can’t take her frustrations out on poor Ben.