Niamh counsels Emma

Emma tells Niamh and Ayesha that Howard is the father of her baby and anguishes over her situation – how could she be so stupid? Niamh counsels Emma but insists she must tell Howard. This idea pains Emma but she knows Niamh is right.

Hayden tracks down where a one-night stand lives as he left his drugs at her house. She tells him her name is Claudia and that she’s a relationship counsellor but when he finds himself asking to see her again she turns him down. Later, Ayesha meets Hayden at the Icon and he slips something into her drink. Within a few minutes she’s up for partying and drags Hayden to a club.

Zara floors Sid when she offers him a job covering her sabbatical at The Mill. Sid declares he wants her to interview him right now and, although Zara doesn’t pull any punches, Sid answers all her questions. He agrees to start tomorrow and Zara realises he was always going to say yes – he’s played her.