Danielle bursts in to the surgery – her mother has collapsed. Jane’s taken to the hospital but falls into a coma that she may never wake up from. They are greeted by one of Danielle’s friends, whose mother has agreed to look after her. As Danielle leaves, Niamh starts to walk away but Danielle runs back to thank her.

Al and Howard are suffering after their night out while Hayden is fit as a fiddle, much to their annoyance. They don’t want to go out with him again, so Ayesha agrees to take him out. They have a good time but when Hayden ‘puts the moves’ on Ayesha, she turns him down.

Howard tells the partners that he’s updated their guidelines on child protection, in light of Treehouse. Zara gets upset remembering how Joe was nearly taken away from her and announces that she would like a sabbatical for a year, so she can spend more time with her son.