Niamh gets a blast from the past

A man introduces himself to Niamh as Ciaren and thanks her for looking after his daughter, Megan, when his wife passed away during surgery eight years ago. A second car turns up and Megan gets out and hugs Niamh, thanking her for looking after her and her dad.

Ayesha asks Howard if she can only do the morning clinics while she has to collect Sierra from nursery. Jimmi’s first Partners’ Meeting starts with the boring subject of stationery but soon moves on to Ayesha. To Howard’s surprise only Zara is reluctant to agree to Ayesha’s request and he is quickly out-voted.

Debs Lee, who’s with her son Maxi, is arguing with Mrs Tembe about an appointment, when Ayesha sheepishly admits Debs is her sister. Later, Jimmi has good news for an elated Ayesha – she’s got her flexible working.

Also, Heston admits he’s falling back in love with being a doctor, while Emma tells him she’s reluctant to accept the new role Howard offered her. Heston suggests she should go for it and they toast to Howard squirming.