Niamh helps a warring couple

Scott and Madelyne are separated and Madelyne tells their son, Nathan, that she’s moving to Canada – and she wants him to come with her. Later, Niamh clocks Nathan sneaking in to The Mill and takes the times to talk to him. Later, he tell his parents that he doesn’t want to move to Canada and both parents realise it’s time they put him first for a change.  

Howard sets the reception staff the task of trying to promote his patient satisfaction survey – whoever fills out the most forms will win a hamper. Meanwhile, Valerie is surprised to see Franc having lunch with her old boss, Gary Lucas.

Heston’s revelation that Gary is attempting to get planning permission for a rival medical practice has unsettled Howard and he suspects Gary has a mole on the inside. When Valerie mentions that she bumped into Franc having lunch with Gary, Howard’s convinced he’s found his mole.

Also, Mrs Tembe confronts Al about his antisocial smoking habit and they clash violently. Later, Mrs T tries to offer Al an olive branch but Al is in no mood to compromise, so she complains to Howard about his behaviour.