Emma’s concerned when Niamh says she’s calling her mum – she’s going to suggest a visit to Ireland. When Niamh enters in tears they fear the worst, but she’s happy – her mum wants to see her. But on their way there, Niamh gets a call from her mum, suggesting she doesn’t visit just yet and she’s heartbroken…

Valerie’s at a stranger’s funeral to get inspiration for her own. She’s soon roped into the next funeral’s proceedings where Mr. Darke performs a magic trick and calls out some jokes. He then tells Valerie he knows she’s going through a difficult time and she’s touched when he offers her a business card.

Heston bemoans the motivational calendar on his wall as not very inspiring and decides to contact the company who made it. But he gets annoyed when he can’t find them on the internet and Al reveals he made Heston’s calendar. Later, Heston good-naturedly warns Al he intends to get him back.