Niamh is vilified in the press

A newspaper article has been printed, which is critical of Niamh in the death of Mr Milne. As the day progresses, Niamh messes up her first activity and is corrected by Judy in front of the others.

After a patronising pep talk by Zara in the toilets, Niamh is so angry that she throws herself into the final task and acquits herself well. When she is praised by Judy and Zara, she tells them that it doesn’t mean anything as it was only a practice exercise.

Rob and Karen attend a market research chocolate-tasting course. To make things more interesting, they agree to pretend to be Daniel and Zara and have a £60 bet that Karen can’t pull off the impersonation for the whole day. Karen manages to keep up the pretence until right at the end when she makes a fool of herself.