After some help from Emma and Ayesha, Niamh finally realises Sean is gay. Sean then receives a call from their mother but he lies about where he is and dives out of the room. Niamh tells Emma and Ayesha it’s been over a year since she spoke to her mother, and is crushed when Sean explains that their mother won’t even say Niamh’s name any more.

Rob is following two drug dealers and, while officers arrest the pair, Rob speaks to a confused elderly woman called Doris. Rob struggles to believe that Doris was buying heroin, until she shows them the track marks on her arm and explains that she has been an addict for 45 years. Jimmi tells Doris she needs to seek treatment, but she is highly suspicious of him. 

Daniel reads Joe a story and tells him what their adventure to London will be like. Zara tells him how scared she has been of late, feeling as though everything is spiralling out of control. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him, he’s the best thing that ever happened to her and she loves him.