Niamh resigns!

Niamh visits the grave of Walter Milne, and then breaks down to Al. She has spent years winging it, but she can’t do it anymore. Al tries to reassure her but when she talks through exactly what happened he cannot take it in. Al assures her she isn’t on her own, and that their holiday will help her clear her head. However, she wants to resign immediately – she is never going to make it as a doctor.

Local councillor Alan, is under fire from an expense scandal and also trying to juggle fighting a building development with looking after his elderly mother. When he feels dizzy, Heston tells him to go to hospital for to see a specialist. Alan is too busy to take Heston’s advice and then has a heart attack. He survives but it will be a long road to recovery.

Heston discovers that a local building development will back on to his garden, and he doesn’t like the idea at all.