Niamh sees a different side to Al

Al is attending a Graphic Novel conference. When Jimmi hears Howard has offered to supply a doctor to run the ‘medical station’ at the event, he sees an opportunity to throw Niamh and Al together. But Al is already occupied with Sioned, a conference attendee. 

Meanwhile, Niamh notices a distressed young woman, Alyson, who targets the conference’s main speaker, Blake Calverly. They find her confronting Blake, who is actually her father asking him to admit he was responsible for the death of her mother. 

After the excitement, Al starts to get suspicious when Sioned talks about Al and Niamh’s empathetic auras.  But when Sioned starts choking on a biscuit. Al acts quickly and impressively saves Sioned’s life. Niamh knows Jimmi set them up and finally asks Al out on a date.