Jean takes Roy to see Niamh and he admits that together with two mates, they’ve spent the past 26 years playing a game of ‘It’. Niamh thinks he’s crazy but more importantly Jean is sick of him acting like a child and leaves. Later, Roy has a serious angina attack but apologises to Jean once he recovers and the couple are reunited.

At the partners meeting, Howard suggests that if Zara apologised to Sid, he might back down. But Zara is defiant and stands by her treatment of Sid. Jimmi’s had enough and he lays into her – Sid’s just another victim, caught in the crossfire between Daniel and her, just like Michael. Later, Daniel tells a gobsmacked Zara that he now agrees Joe might have a problem.

Meanwhile, Emma and Howard arrange to meet up later but when Howard seeks her out, he discovers she’s gone to St Phil’s and he’s left disappointed. By contrast, Zara and Daniel meet up and are reconciled.