Niamh wakes up with a sore head to find Hayden beside her. Meanwhile, Ayesha is acting oddly around Niamh, so she confronts her. Ayesha doesn’t mind her sleeping with Hayden; she’s more concerned with losing her drinking pal. Elsewhere, Al works out that Hayden slept with Niamh, as Hayden worries Niamh will want a full-on relationship.

Hayden then talks to Ayesha, telling her nothing is going to change; they can still go out drinking together. Ayesha winds him up, making him think Niamh does want a relationship.

Zara contemplates her last day before her sabbatical as Ayesha organises a leaving party. At the party, everyone has a good time except Al, who’s moping. Zara gives a speech with her customary approach, and tells them all to count down the days until she returns. Al, who has been bubbling away all evening, finally snaps and lays into Hayden, but ends up looking somewhat petty.