Niamh warns Emma about Ayesha

Emma seems unfazed by the fact that Ayesha hasn’t tidied up after herself and is happy to have someone to mother again. However, Niamh warns Emma that she is making a rod for her own back!

Meanwhile, Sid sees a patient when Heston is busy and, despite Jimmi telling him to leave her diagnosis to the experts, Sid makes a risky decision and ends up doing more harm than good.

Daniel’s patient, Ian, tells him that he’s heard that his ex-wife is saying his son, Freddie, has cancer. Daniel tracks down an address for Freddie’s mother, Sandra, but discovers she has a restraining order on Ian because of domestic abuse.  She admits she lied about Freddie’s illness as a cry for help. Rob turns up to arrest Ian as Daniel waits with Sandra and Freddie until social services arrive.

Also, Daniel is convinced there is nothing wrong with Joe, forcing Zara to become more convinced that there is.