After last season’s cliffhanger, it’s finally revealed who Mike has made his bride. We see his ex wife Susan in full white bridal gown about to say ‘I do’. But it turns into a tense ceremony when his former fiancee Katherine arrives and demands an apology from Susan in front of the congregation.

The episode goes back through the weeks leading up to the wedding and shows the tensions bubbling up between Susan and Kathryn, which includes Kathryn holding Susan’s wedding dress to ransom.

Love is also in the air for Bree, who’s jumping in and out of bed with Susan’s other ex husband Carl. And feisty OAP Mrs McCluskey reveals she has a new boyfriend Roy. But Gaby is determined to stop teenage lodger Ana having any fun with boys by imposing a strict curfew on Carlos’s niece, and when she finds her rules have been broken she heads to a nightclub determined to find Ana and embarrass the life out of her.

A new family moves into Mary Alice’s old house on Wisteria Lane. The Bolens – mum Angie, dad Nick and moody son Danny – have arrived in California from New York. But it seems they’re hiding a big secret. And what are the mysterious scars on Angie’s back. Young Danny is immediately taken with Julie, Susan’s daughter who has returned to Fairview for her mum’s wedding. But when he later gets a knock back he turns a little bitter. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Julie is seen being strangled by a mysterious hooded attacker…