Nick and Carla get engaged!

In front of both families Nick produces an engagement ring and getting down on one knee, places it on Carla’s finger. After a pep talk from Audrey, Gail apologises to Carla and welcomes her to the family. Under pressure from Bethany, Johnny and Aidan, Nick and Carla agree to throw a proper engagement party.

David rages at Kylie for thinking he would try and kill his own sister. She realises she’s gone too far and apologises for doubting him. Meanwhile, Sarah stares at the photo of her baby scan, her mind in turmoil.

Adamant he’s not ready for sex, Craig cancels his date with Caitlin telling her he’s sick. But when Caitlin calls at No 5 she’s upset to realise Craig lied to her. So Craig admits he’s not ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Michael confesses to Gail that the reason he’s helping Dee is that he burgled her house and can’t possibly accept a Good Samaritan award. Sally clocks a spark between Sophie and Kate and is pleased everything’s going to plan, but Tim warns her that Kate has a fiance.