Nick and David plough into a lorry head on!

With a beating heart Nick apologises to David, explaining what happened with Kylie was a one-off and meant nothing to either of them. David flies at Nick, admitting to his hate campaign and how he even contemplated suicide when he discovered the truth. Ashamed at the damage this secret has done Nick insists it’s time to head home and talk to Leanne and Kylie. Suddenly scared that he’ll lose Kylie, David impulsively unfastens Nick’s seatbelt and grabs the wheel. As the van careers out of control, crashing off the road and into the path of an oncoming lorry will either brother survive the impact?
Rob tries to fob Tracy off about moving in, but cutting through his spiel she asks if he’s just using her for her money. Rob insists he isn’t, and is fuming at Peter for interfering in their relationship.
When Beth forces Craig to admit that he did steal Norris’ paperboy, Norris decides a punishment is in order – Craig can deliver the papers free for a month.
Also, relations are fractious between Lloyd, Mandy and Jenna; with Tommy’s support Tina reveals she’s determined to put on a brave face and move on from her turmoil over Jake.