Michael’s touched when Gail calls at his bedsit and gives him a shirt for his first day at work. However, when Nick and David later arrive at work, he’s left shaken when Nick menacingly tells him to stay away. When Gail calls at Street Cars, she’s shocked to find that Michael never turned up, but it’s clear that Michael is too scared to tell Gail the truth about what happened.

Audrey’s shocked when Nick openly humiliates Leanne in front of her. At the Bistro, customers are forced to leave when the tension between the duo reaches boiling point and Leanne explodes at her ex.

Carla’s grateful when Sally offers to help out in the office and the factory girls are relieved when Carla announces she’s just secured a large order and is back to her best.

Also, Steve is convinced he’s going to fail his exam; and Lloyd is concerned when Andrea remains evasive when he asks her to see him off on his holiday.