The poker game takes a serious turn but when Nick begs Carla to quit as she’s losing a fortune, she refuses. Meanwhile, Roy arrives back in the cafe furious to find Carla running a poker school.

When Sarah arrives back in a cab, David jumps in, ordering the driver to take them to the Dog & Gun. As David and Sarah arrive Callum’s in a compromising position with Kylie, but he desperately tries to spin a tale to explain his actions.

Cathy insists on taking Roy for a drink in the bistro. But Roy becomes uneasy when Yasmeen suggests he and Cathy are more than just friends.

Liz takes Dan and his daughter to the bistro for dinner. Billy calls at No 1 offering his condolences and explaining he’ll be conducting Deirdre’s funeral. Tracy discovers a letter from Deirdre describing the kind of funeral she would like, while Ken remains quietly bitter towards Tracy.