Charlie does his best to distract Dot, so she doesn’t see Nick sitting in her kitchen. Nick’s purpose in coming to the house is soon clear when he blackmails Charlie and Ronnie for £10,000 to stop Dot discovering he’s alive. Knowing it’s the only way to raise the cash, Ronnie and Charlie agree to ask Phil for money. Not knowing what it’s for, Phil declines, but eventually comes up with the cash. Nick’s smug when he’s handed a bag, but later finds it’s full of paper. Meanwhile, Dot has discovered Nick’s cigarette butt in the bin…

Carol is angry to find out that Sonia is trying to emotionally blackmail Rebecca into not applying for the music academy. When Carol insists she’ll rearrange the interview, Rebecca feels under pressure from all sides and asks her not to. Confronted by her mum, Sonia snaps that she doesn’t want her marriage to fall apart like Carol’s.

When it’s clear Tosh needs support Stacey tells Tina that Tosh isn’t pregnant. Tina claims it’s probably for the best that Tosh isn’t pregnant with Dean’s baby. But her words of comfort go awry as she angers Tosh, who then accuses Tina of cheating on her. Tina reacts by slapping Tosh, who retaliates with a punch.