Robert and David listen with incredulity as Nick explains he doesn’t want Carla to marry him out of pity. Later, Robert confides in Tracy that Nick wants to cancel the wedding, but she’s furious, convinced he’ll want to get his hands on the bistro again. Elsewhere, Nick breaks the news to a stunned Carla that he can’t marry her.

Jenny’s touched when Johnny suggests she should return to Blackpool in honour of her dad and offers to go with her.

After a call from Sally, Tim announces that all the hens have been arrested. The stags arrive at the police station to collect their drunken other halves, but Sally’s miffed when Tim doesn’t turn up. Later, Sally shouts at him, but he calls her a snob and explains he booked the break in Blackpool hoping they could rebuild their relationship.

Sarah carries Harry into the annexe and talks to Callum’s dead body. Craig offers to move to Dundee with Caitlin. Sinead’s gutted when Chesney bails on their video date, explaining he’s stuck at a beach party. Roy and Alex come to the aid of a drunken Cathy.