Given hope that Leanne will return Nick pushes himself to the limit with his physio exercises. Gail confides in Kylie that she’s worried he’s getting his hopes up and Leanne may never return. But when the subject of Leanne is broached, Nick starts to panic and collapses.

Tina’s annoyed with Tracy when she receives a large bill for the smashed shop window. Desperate to end the feud, Rita tries to talk some sense into Tracy, but Tracy just laughs in her face. Wanting to end the feud Rob catches up with Tina. Playing on the strain this is placing on Rita he offers a deal; he’ll pay for the repairs if Tina will publically apologise to Tracy, who can never know of their deal. Tina’s outraged and refuses.

As Tim moves his stuff into Sally’s, Faye is unimpressed. Grace offers to show her how to make Sally’s life a misery and Faye is ready to cause some mischief.

Also, against Carla’s wishes, Peter introduces a bonus scheme at the factory for the most productive worker.