Ken’s worried when he’s discharged and admits to Roy that he’s scared to return home, so Roy insists he stays with him. Meanwhile, Simon plays Nick and Leanne the panicky voicemail from Peter and when Peter and Toyah call at the bistro to collect Simon, Nick pulls out Simon’s phone and plays them the incriminating message.

Sinead later finds a note from Daniel and is horrified to realise he’s leaving her. Can she get him back?

When Bethany comes across a picture of Nathan kissing Mel on Mel’s laptop, she’s furious. Bethany confronts Nathan about his relationship with Mel…

Eileen’s gets a knock at the door revealing she’s won an electric car. Jenny encourages Sally to reactivate her social media accounts. Kevin’s embarrassed when his card is declined. Dev offers him the groceries free of charge, but Kevin’s offended.

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