Nick delights in destroying Robert in Corrie

Nick tells Robert Preston he's planning to set up next door to the bistro

Andy, Steph and Zeedan talk about how unstable Robert’s been since he’s hit the bottle and when Robert orders Zeedan to do some Canapés again, Zeedan quits and storms out! Elsewhere, Leanne’s horrified to discover Nick’s planning to set up next door to the bistro, but Nick revels in telling Robert his plans to put him out of business.

Jason phones Todd and tells him that Phelan has come up with a great investment opportunity but Todd warns him to steer clear. Meanwhile, Phelan asks Sally if she can pull a few strings on the Planning Committee regarding his new development project and then offers to finish some shelving for her. Sally’s grateful and agrees to speak to her colleagues.

Beth waves off Craig as he attends a Special Constable Information Day. When Tracy muses that Amy could never join the police force because of her family’s criminal record, Beth pales and Tracy realises she’s hit a nerve.

Jenny earwigs as Sinead suggests to Eva that she and Aidan should rent Carla’s flat. But when Eva talks to Aidan he reckons it’s too soon to move in together. Later, Jenny points out that Johnny that he should consider renting Carla’s flat.