Nick fears for his life!

As a devastated Leanne decides to leave the street Peter tries to be strong for Simon. Nick meanwhile seeks refuge in the Joinery, but when Peter oozing menace finds him there Nick starts to panic as Peter wages a war of terror on his ex-friend. Recalling the last time they were trapped there Peter chooses his words carefully, each one designed to put the frighteners on Nick. He begs him to leave, but Peter picks up a metal bar. Nick wonders whether he’ll get out of the Joinery alive for a second time

When Sophie finds a letter from college addressed to her parents she hides it before pushing out of the house, burying her problems. But alone with Sunita, Sophie breaks down, admitting she’s struggling to cope as her world seems to be falling apart around her. Sunita urges her to talk to Sally, but Sophie is unsure whether to open up.

As Claudia probes for details about Audrey’s date she insists they’re taking it slowly. But Claudia scoffs wondering if he’s keeping her at a distance because he’s got something to hide, which makes Audrey paranoid.

Also, as Maria comforts Carla in the wake of Peter’s wedding disaster, Carla hopes Frank will do business with Underworld.

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