Nick finds Kylie… in a strip club! (VIDEO)

After another row with Eva about her moving in, Nick heads out. Taking David with him the pair let of steam about their complicated love lives. In a laddish mood they head to a lap-dancing bar, but when Nick sees a scantily clad Kylie on stage he ushers David out, claiming he feels uncomfortable. Dropping David home Nick heads back to the club where he confronts Kylie. Their discussion is heated and when Kylie ends up getting sacked Nick insists on taking her back to a hotel to sort herself out. Nick tries to convince Kylie to come home, but she rants that everyone hates her and it’s her and Max against the world. Meanwhile, Eva phones Nick from outside his flat, but when Nick says he’s in bed, Eva suspects she’s being lied to…

As Sean and Marcus question Eileen’s decision to send Paul away she continues to pack his belongings, still wracked with guilt. Paul arrives to collect his bags and Marcus tries to talk sense into him.

Maria says yes when a good-looking customer at the salon asks Maria out on a date.

Also, Tommy’s forced to lie to Tina when Rick makes contact; as Norris tries to charm Audrey she realises she’s being bribed.