Billy’s bemused when Sarah asks if he can squeeze Harry in for a Christening asap, but he promises he will look into it. Meanwhile, Lauren and her mates approach Bethany and make snide remarks about Harry. Nick rushes over, but when Lauren gives him some backchat, Nick suddenly loses it and the girls are shocked as he hurls Lauren’s bag into the road.

Luke’s clearly thrilled to have Maria home, but is concerned when she seems distant. When Kirk presents Liam with an ‘I Love Weatherfield’ t-shirt, Luke’s angry that he stole his present idea.

Izzy begs Gary to buy her more cannabis as the pain has become unbearable. Gary reluctantly agrees and when Dane calls in the gym with the drugs, Gary quickly hustles him out of the door as Sharif watches.

Aidan wonders if Sinead would be up for another modelling gig and when Fiz points out she could use the money to take Chesney to Portugal to see Joseph, she agrees. Meanwhile, Tyrone and Fiz have a clear-out and Cathy points out their stuff could be worth good money.