Nick has drawn a blank on renting premises. Under pressure and as a last resort he asks Peter if they could do a deal on a temporary lease of Turner’s. After their row the other day Peter’s makes it crystal clear he’s not interested. Giving up the ghost Nick’s day goes from bad to worse when Paul arrives at the factory. Taking in the charred ruins he blasts Nick for agreeing a deal he can’t meet and cancels the order. Nick is forced to tell the girls he’s failed – Underworld is no more.

Tina struggles to move on from Joe’s death and she’s shaken as the police return his belongings. Going through them is a daunting task, but Tina knows she has to face it if she wants to move on with her life.

Hayley does the washing and fails to find Roy’s love letter, instead she bemoans the paper that has got in the wash and Roy’s letter is lost for ever. Gutted that his romantic gesture was a wash-out Roy plans a special dinner for later.

Also, Lewis apologises for his no-show last night, but Audrey is upset that his date turned into an overnight stay and storms off; Ches lies about his exams.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

The factory girls are furious and bombard Nick with questions in the cafe. Leanne can see he’s under pressure and claiming she’s thinking of Janice asks Peter if they could speak to George. Peter refuses so Leanne takes matters into her own hands. She’s businesslike as she tells Nick she’s spoken to George and he’s willing to sublet if he can pay up front. Nick tells her it’s pointless as he doesn’t have any orders or money, but Leanne urges him not to give up.

Roy surprises Hayley with a candlelit meal. Her mind has been on Underworld, so when she asks what prompted it she’s stunned as Roy goes down on one knee and asks her to marry him again – not for practical reasons but to celebrate their love. After all they’ve been through, Hayley doesn’t know what to say.

Audrey tells Lewis she’s having second thoughts about their relationship – after his overnight stay with a client. He insists he has strong feelings for her and offers to quit escort work. Audrey knows she has a tough decision to make.

Also, Fiz’s job is under threat so John suggests going on an exam marking course to pay for the holiday; Tina goes through Joe’s things.

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