Is Nick going back to prison?

Does Nick have a secret stash of drugs?

Amy, Nick and Terese are enjoying a drink at the motel when Mark and David appear looking for Nick – apparently he’s stolen drugs from the hospital. Mark searches Nick’s room and he finds the drugs. Nick denies the drugs are his but things are made worse when a woman turns up and claims Nick invited her to take the drugs. Nick claims it’s all lies and is taken back to prison. Is Nick telling the truth and has he been set up?

Meanwhile, both Mishti and Leo are nervous about their date. Things get off to a rocky start but, as the date progresses, the couple have a great time. Unfortunately, things come to a grinding halt, when Leo gets a phone call about Nick’s arrest…

Also, Xanthe notices that Courtney is wearing some very expensive earrings. Xanthe wonders how Courtney can afford them as the spa doesn’t pay well and she’s estranged from her rich father. Later, Courtney asks Xanthe to leave the spa early, what’s she hiding?