Sarah announces that she’s hoping to have Harry Christened next week and that she’s going to ask Todd, Nick and Carla to be godparents. She summons Nick to No 8 and worried she’s going to tear a strip off him for the way he handled Bethany’s bullies, he’s relieved when she asks him to be Harry’s godfather. Later, the Platts are shocked when Lauren and her mum barge into No 8 and accuse Nick of assault. Nick confesses to David he has to accept he’s brain damaged for life.

Maria’s angry to find Pablo on her doorstep and telling him Luke’s upstairs, she gets rid of him, promising she’ll be in touch tomorrow. Pablo kisses her on the cheek as Audrey watches from across the street.

Sharif confides in Zeedan that he reckons Gary’s dealing steroids but needs concrete evidence.

Tyrone tells Fiz that people pay good money for scrap metal. Sinead tells Chesney she’s got another modelling job and intends to use the cash to take them to Portugal.