Nick Jordan returns to Holby

It’s a busy shift, but the ED is in disarray with no clear leader. Abs has gone off looking for Stacey, and after swanning in late Zoe ends up arguing with Adam after he wrongly declares a patient dead. Meanwhile, on the Farmead Estate, teenager Jennifer helps a boy in an underpass. But when her attacks her, a drunk Stacey carries her to safety.

When Jennifer arrives in the ED, Zoe and Adam argue about how to treat her when a tall stranger walks in. Putting his coat and bag at reception, the main confidently strides into resus and says: “Hello, I’m Nick Jordan, I’m your new Clinical Lead.” As Nick takes control, it seems that A&E now has the leader it so desperately needed.

Later, as Abs treats Stacey in the ED, he’s alarmed when Stacey vomits up blood. Nick and the team try to save Stacey, but it’s clear the drink has done too much damage and he passes away. When Ellie blames him for getting too involved in Stacey’s life, a devastated Abs breaks down on Ruth. Unable to cope, Abs later decides to resign.

Elsewhere, Dixie and Jeff unenthusiastically turn up for their meeting with counsellor, Ben Harding, following the road accident. While Jeff is keen to go through the motions and get back to work it seems that Dixie is struggling to deal with what happened – and has the injuries to prove it.