Nick makes Leanne’s life hell (VIDEO)

Leanne and Kal are furious when Leanne gets called into work, realising Nick’s left the Bistro under-staffed on purpose to ruin their evening.

Sharif tells Gail that Alya will now be working on reception and that Gail is now the cleaner, but Nick is furious when he finds out and is convinced Kal is behind it. Meanwhile, having lost his job because of Kylie, Michael becomes Gail’s new project and she insists she’s going to help him. She persuades Steve to give him a job at Street Cars, but Nick and David have other ideas…

Maria is annoyed when a hungover Marcus fails to show up for Liam. Marcus goes to apologise, but Todd pretends he’s upset about losing his job and doesn’t want to be left alone. A sneaky Todd manages to manipulate Marcus into staying with him and once again gets in the way of Liam’s best laid plans.

Also, Jenna tells Lloyd she’s booking them a holiday in Tenerife.