Nick plots Peter’s downfall

Dr Carter visits a dejected Peter after his fall, while Nick overhears Leanne snipe at Carla when she asks after Peter. Realising they’ve got previous Nick pushes Carla until she reveals that she had feelings for Peter, but he didn’t reciprocate. Using this as ammunition Nick’s even more determined than ever to prove to Leanne that Peter’s not the man she thinks he is.

It’s Claire‘s 30th birthday, but she’s not in the mood for celebrating, and is still going ahead with her plans to leave Weatherfield. However, as Claire has a birthday drink in the Rovers it turns into a farewell party, much to her relief.

Chris is dressed to impress for his date with Maria, but then he spots Lloyd and Cheryl kissing. They are leaving for holiday and as it still needles him he hatches a plan to get back at Lloyd. He grabs his mobile and calls an old mate, arranging to meet outside Lloyd’s flat.

Also, Chesney can see that John’s a mess and when he offers his support, worried he’s not coping with Hope in hospital, John is tempted to confess all.

*Second Episode, 8.30*

Peter has hit rock bottom and a scheming Nick encourages him to fall off the wagon. Peter begs him not to tell Leanne and Nick knows he’s got him right where he wants him. Seeming to care about his well being he lets Peter talk as he leads him to the edge. It’s a psychological game of cat and mouse as Nick plays the best friend card, assuring Peter he’s got his back. But Peter has yet to give in and drink.

Meanwhile, Claire and the boys leave the street.

As Chris wines and dines Maria he confirms he’s happy to take things slowly, but it doesn’t seem to be what he really wants and Maria notices he’s off with her. Back on the street Chris still has it in for Lloyd and meets up with his mate, who tells him the job went has planned.

Also, when Fiz reads about Joy’s death in the paper she asks John when he last visited her. He becomes worried that she is on to his lies.

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