Nick proposes to Natasha!

Natasha goes to the Doctors, but she flees when he calmly points out that it may take some time to conceive. Fiz finds her outside the Doctors and tells her it is high time she told Nick the truth; if nothing else the lie is starting to make her ill. Natasha realises the game is up and heads to the factory with Fiz ready to confess all. But an oblivious Nick has other plans and asks her to marry him!

Steve has spent a lovely day with Max, but knows that Kylie will go through with her threat to leave and take him away for ever. He decides to appeal to her better nature and offers to put the whole situation behind them if she promises not to ruin what they now have as a family.

Owen starts throwing his weight around with Jason, and Eileen decides that she is going to get her revenge and make him pay for the way he’s been treating people. Later, Sean is stunned when Owen threatens him for grassing him up to Eileen.

Also, Sian and Sophie are forced to work long hours at a B&B to survive away from Weatherfield; Graeme and Tina flood Rita’s flat.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

A stunned Natasha accepts Nick’s proposal and they head over to the Rovers to celebrate. Gail walks into the party and is concerned when she’s informed of her son’s engagement. Later, she decides to call into the medical centre and take a look at Natasha’s records immediately uncovering her secret.

Owen asks Liz to have a drink with him in the Rovers and assures her that there are no problems between him and Eileen. Liz agrees, but when Eileen turns up Owen takes a call from the police, who tell him that the alarm is going off in the yard. He throws the keys to Eileen and asks her to investigate. Put out, she heads to the yard and after sorting out the alarm she spots the petty cash box…

Kylie suggests one last fling before Gary heads off to war, but he thinks she is more trouble then she’s worth. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff are annoyed at the new till security measures. They know that only one person is responsible and can’t understand why they should all be under suspicion.

Also, Sian and Sophie doss down in a crowded student house; Norris calls someone to fix the laptop that has been damaged by the flood.

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