Nick reveals his true colours

Seems that Nick doesn't care much for Tegan after all...

Tegan confides in Leela about her fling with Nick, while Zack storms over to the Cunninghams’ and gives Nick 24 hours to tell Holly – or he will! T

egan takes a pregnancy test but drops it in the bin when she’s interrupted by Courtney. As Tegan then fishes it out, she’s stunned to see it’s positive! Nick doesn’t want to know, however, and tells her she was just a bit of fun. Watch out Nick, Tegan’s now a woman scorned…

Meanwhile, Shane lies to Neeta that he needs to take back the camera equipment that ‘his’ company sold to the school. Won over by Shane’s charm, Neeta agrees to hand over the equipment, but Hunter then reveals the truth about who Shane really is. Will Prince make his brother pay for being a snitch?

Also, Darcy goes to the salon and forces Jesse to talk to her, but she’s irritated by Goldie and Jesse’s relationship. Can Darcy win Jesse round?