Nick sinks to a new low

Nick sinks to a new low when he rebrands the bistro, calling it Just Nick’s and tells Leanne she won’t see a penny from the business. Leanne’s furious and Kal makes a grab for Nick. Leanne pulls Kal back. Meanwhile Leanne tries to convince Yasmeen that she is not the woman she was and is good for her son.

After being persuaded by Rob to get Peter out of her life Carla decides to cut all her ties with Peter. She goes to see him and firmly explains she intends to move out of his flat and buy back his half of the business. Peter signs over his 50 per cent of Underworld but refuses to take any money, explaining that he still loves her and hasn’t given up on their relationship. Carla then heads to the Rovers and when Luke eyes her up she invites him back to her place.

Gail forces David to explain to Steve how he and Nick threatened Michael and warned him to stay away, which is why Michael failed to turn up for work. Steve reluctantly agrees to give Michael a second chance.

Also, Maria and Marcus go behind Todd’s back to let Marcus spend time with Liam.