Steph manages to drag Nick back to the bistro before a fight breaks out, but there he turns on her when she reminds him it’s her night off, threatening to sack her if she doesn’t cancel her plans. Steph’s shocked and can see Nick’s a man on the edge. Meanwhile Gail and Michael share a bottle of wine in the garden at No 8, their attraction evident. When Nick arrives and spots them kissing he’s incensed and sees red.

Rita’s on to Dennis and confronting him in the Rovers she reveals she knows all about his little scam. Dennis tries desperately to talk her round but it seems that his chance for forgiveness has finally passed.

Anna fears for a troubled Faye and snatches her mobile phone to find out more. She is shocked to read nasty online gossip suggesting Faye has slept with lots of boys. At first she blames Craig for spreading the nasty rumours, but it soon becomes clear he’s not the perpetrator.

Also, Roy’s tearful when he finds a reminder of Hayley in an old library book.