Nick tries to charm Stella

Nick‘s determined to make inroads with Stella for Eva’s sake, but it leads to Gail and Audrey being invited for Eva’s birthday tea, too.

As Carla returns to work, she insists she’s ready for a fight. But back at home Carla’s drained and, the day having taken its toll on her, she reaches for a bottle of wine. Overwhelmed with emotion she heads over to Peter’s flat in need of some comfort, but when Simon catches them together he turns on Carla.

Paul’s horrified to discover the water pipes have burst at his house. With Lesley due home tomorrow, Paul starts to panic about where they’re going to live. Meanwhile, Rosie reveals she’s been offered a place on the reality TV show, but Jason’s gutted to hear she’ll be filming in London for 12 weeks. She does her best to reassure him but when she reveals the nature of the show to Sophie it sounds like Jason’s right to be worried.

Also, when Chesney confides in Anna that Katy’s struggling with Joseph she calls round to help. But when Ches arrives home Katy’s unimpressed by his interference, insisting they don’t prove people right by admitting they can’t cope; Tina asks Jason if he’d be prepared to rent her his flat and he agrees.