Nick turns nasty!

Dot wants to prove to Pat and Peggy that Nick has changed and she invites them to tea. But after Pat and Peggy leave Dot is hurt when she catches ‘tee-total’ Nick with a whisky. Dot is devastated when Nick menacingly demands the money that Bradley gave her and ransacks the room. Nick wants to bargain with Dot – she can keep Dotty if she hands him her cash…

Janine has stayed the night at the Vic after begging Billy to take her in. Janine convinces Billy and Jay to move out of the Vic and in with her and she takes Billy to a swish flat, but Billy is suspicious when she tells him they need to pick the lock! Janine decides to celebrate their new home with champagne and a takeaway. What Billy doesn’t know is that she’s bought the feast on Peggy’s credit card!

Lauren has confessed to the police and she goes back home with Jack. Max visits Tanya and tells her what has happened and says that she’ll soon be out of jail. Tanya is horrified about Lauren’s confession and tells Max that everything that has happened to destroy the family has been his fault.

Also, Zainab tries to reunite Denise and Lucas.

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