Nick vows revenge on Georgia

Celebrations are underway in the wake of the news that Nick’s treatment has cured Paul. However, Georgia bursts in and accuses Nick of poisoning him but no one listens. Meanwhile, Rhonda Brooks, Georgia’s mum, arrives and arranges an appointment with Dr Nick, who confirms her cancer has returned. Nick agrees to treat her, advising her to keep the illness from her family. It’s clear he’s going to exact revenge on Georgia via her mum.

When Paul’s world is turned upside down yet again, it’s Naomi who is by his side. So much so, that when Brennan witnesses them together, he jumps to the wrong conclusion that they are in fact an item. Naomi asserts that they are just friends, but she and Paul acknowledge their relationship is more than that.

Karl, at Brennan’s behest, discovers Nick’s horrible truth and informs the board that he’s been faking Paul’s illness. Unmasked as a charlatan, Nick is suspended and decides to flee but implores Terese not to tell a soul of his plans.