Carla is devastated to discover Roy knows the truth about her trip abroad and desperate to escape she hurries off to town. A concerned Nick insists on going to the casino with her and is aghast as he watches her recklessly gamble away hundreds of pounds. When Carla confides in Nick just how much she’s gambled, he finally realises the extent of her addiction.

Bethany and Kylie both quiz Sarah on her split from Callum but after his loaded threats, Sarah keeps quiet. When Bethany tells Callum she believes he split up with Sarah because he’s got the hots for her instead, Callum’s taken aback by her mischievous spirit.

Sally moans to Kevin that Carla’s left her to man the factory solo again. Knowing how stressed Sally is, Kevin tells her for what it’s worth he thinks she’s brilliant and she’s touched by his kinds words.

Leanne agrees to give Robert a trial in the kitchen at the Bistro. Elsewhere, Eileen and Michael sell the bracelet they’ve found to Todd, but panic when they discover the bracelet belonged to Deirdre and Liz is looking for it.