Nick is in danger and sinking fast!

Nick is devastated when Leanne dumps him – but worse is yet to come…

Nick’s devastated when Leanne dumps him. Leanne and Toyah head home leaving the men to sort out their differences. Telling Nick they’d all be better off without him, Peter and Steve also go. As Nick trudges along the beach, he suddenly finds himself sucked into the quicksand. Will his cries for help be heard?

As Ken faces up to his attacker he demands answers. Is he in more danger?

Reminding Shona she owes him big time, Nathan grabs her wrist, but Shona makes a run for it. Reaching a decision, Shona attempts to call the police, but her phone is knocked from her hand and two men throw her to the ground leaving her unconscious. Is Nathan behind this?

Liz advises Brian to try and make a go of things with Cathy. Johnny returns from his MRI scan and assures Kate that everything will be fine.